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Boat House of Cape Coral is located at 1516 Southeast 46th St, Cape Coral, FL 33904

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Dear Boater,

Buying a boat is a big investment of Time, Money and Emotions. No one likes being LIED TO, SUCKERED, RIPPED OFF or otherwise MADE A FOOL. I know I don't.

So to help you be successful in your boat buying efforts, and avoid being cheated, here's my recent experience with one local dealer, a Mr. Al Lewis, Sales Manager at The Boat House in Cape Coral.

I'll let you be the judge:

In Oct 2011, I purchased a used 2004 Polar boat with a 2004 Yamaha F150 4 Stroke engine from the Boat House in Cape Coral. Al Lewis, the sales manager at The Boat House gave me a print out (aka a "download") of the engine hours that he said was from that boat. This print out showed 729 hours of engine use.

5 months later I took the boat in for service to my local marina. When they connected it to the computer they found that the actual hours on the engine are 1079. They also found that the serial number of the engine is not the serial number provided on the paperwork by The Boat House of Cape Coral.

The engine also had a big problem from a blown power head gasket, due to the fact that it had blown before and the power head had been patched with a JB Weld type of product and put back together. This was a completely sub-standard repair and was not disclosed at the time of sale.

Upon discussing the defective engine, misrepresented engine hours and wrong serial number with Al Lewis at The Boat House, I asked the company to provide me the engine I purchased. That is, the engine specified in documentation provided at the time of sale: a 4 stroke Yamaha F150 with 729 hours, with the correct serial number.

I think most people would agree that getting what you've paid for is reasonable. But not Al Lewis of The Boat House:

Al Lewis suggested that I pay The Boat House an additional $6000 to repair the defective powerhead. Yes, you read correctly - $6000 more to repair the defective engine with the wrong serial number and misrepresented engine hours.

But Al was just warming up. He also offered to exchange the engine for an older and less powerful 2-stroke engine, of significantly less value than what I purchased. Naturally, I would also have to pay for all parts and labor.

Now friends, stop for a minute and ask yourself if this is the kind of boat buying experience you seek. Because if it is, you now know exactly where to find it.

Speaking just for myself, it is not. My only option at this point is a legal action while my boat sits in a marina accruing storage charges.

I hope my experience helps you to buy a good boat for a good price from an honest seller - safe & happy boating.


Misled Customer of Boat House of Cape Coral
1516 Southeast 46th St Cape Coral, FL 33931
Pictures Of My Boat Trouble

(No more of these happy times for me or my Down Syndrome little brother...)

(Previous poor engine "repairs")

UPDATE 3/31/12:

Boat House has gotten a lawyer to send me a letter to suppress bad publicity.

UPDATE 5/4/12:

I invite you to read the responses by the Boat House on this forum post about Boat House Cape Coral on The Hull Truth, a very popular boating forum.

UPDATE 3/31/12:

Mr. Al Lewis sent an email today threatening legal action because of this web site. See the email below.